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providing them Digital signature Certificates (DSC) .

Safe Exim


A Digital Certificate is required to digitally sign any document in electronic format or for transactions being performed through a web-browser. With a Safe EXIM Certificate you can apply for licenses electronically with the DGFT and digitally sign your online license application using your Safe EXIM Certificate.

A Digital Signature associates the data and the action with the person signing it and any subsequent changes to the data can be detected. It is a more secure way of transacting online than a user id password based system.


  • Cost Savings
  • DGFT has extended attractive Monetary Incentives amounting to 50% waiver on license fee for those Exporters & Importers using Safe EXIM to interact online with DGFT
  • Usage of Safe EXIM also reduces paperwork considerably for the user, thus bringing down associated costs.
  • Reduced Turnaround time by the DGFT for license issuance.
  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Login to the DGFT portal ( using Safe EXIM i s far more secure than using a user ID/Password based system. No one can impersonate you or your organization online.

Why Passwords are insecure?

  • Confidentiality the transaction is assured.
  • Integrity of information submitted online is guaranteed
  • Your data cannot be tampered with, which in turn brings down any opportunities for fraud at any stage.
  • Digitally signed applications ensure Non-Repudiation, thus bringing Trust and Confidence into the entire online experience.


  • Safe EXIM can be used only by an Exporter or Importer registered with the DGFT in India.
  • It is not open to any third party.
  • Any person from an EXIM organisation who is authorized to transact with DGFT on behalf of the organization or sign any documents that need to be submitted to the DGFT can use Safe EXIM.

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